HOPE Consulting, Inc. is a focused CAD consulting and services company providing specialized services globally to customers in auto, aero and heavy engineering.

Since 1998 HOPE has been working in partnership with clients on a wide range of projects.
Clients have identified that HOPE offers the following advantages:
* Multi-platform expertise.
* Complementary design & engineering benefits.
*On-site project management & consultancy.
* High cost benefits via off-shore delivery centers in India.
* Highly motivated well trained staff.
Our data integrity protocols ensure total confidentiality.
A necessity when dealing with blue chip customers like Daimler Aerospace, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., and Astrium Space.

Our Service Areas:

·Advanced Surface Modeling and Drawing Creation from Models :
HOPE works closely with designers and engineers to efficiently develop and refine their most demanding dimension driven geometry and free-form surfaces including variable section sweeps. HOPE's advanced design capabilities encompass :


* Parametric surface modeling
* Highly accurate parametric component designs and assembly modeling from 2D inputs.
* Direct surface modeling
* 3D modeling from 2D drawings
* 2D Manufacturing drawing creation from 3D models

Clients' varied drawing office procedures and standards are adhered to rigorously. The company has undertaken projects involving various Aircraft components and Sub assemblies, and also with Assembly Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures.

· Tooling : HOPE's core competence is in design of Press tools and Injection molds --Expertise in Tool Design includes quick generation of design molds, dies and cast parts. Process-driven UI is used to create cavity inserts. Functions such as automated parting surface and automated splitting are included.
Advantages noted by customers include:
* Shortened development times
* Improved quality
· Legacy data conversion & platform migration : HOPE Consulting specializes in high quality bulk conversion of legacy data into CAD drawings / models and has evolved procedures for fast reliable conversion of engineering data for cross platform usage.
Capability includes:
* 2 D paper to 2D digital
* 2D paper to 3D model
* Pro-E
* Other highend platforms
Off-shore delivery centers guarantee cost-benefits and quick turn around to its clients for these services.
· Assembly Build sequence visualization & 3D Imaging:HOPE offers Digital Imaging services which allow clients to visually communicate and develop your ideas with stunningly realistic imagery and dramatic animations.
Applications include:
* Communicating to in-house team members
* Presenting designs to customers
* Prototype validation of all major aspects of product design (shape, appearance and function)
* For clear design communication between in house/outsourced technical groups
* Reduce risk and identify potential for cost savings by exploring multiple design options early in the design process
HOPE also provides specialized services in WEB 3D Objects. Web 3D is a light weight means for easy exchange & communication of 3D design ideas across the internet.
·Illustrated Parts Catalogue : HOPE Consulting, Inc., has successfully setup a practice for extensive Electronic Cataloging (EC) based on effective integration of powerful software tools. We have catalogued well over 2 million parts covering more than 2000 industrial product manufacturers. Our Cataloging service includes:

* Development of classification schema.
* Detailed analysis & creation of catalogue structure.
* Catalog content creation incorporating data digitization,
* Image processing and geometry / CAD model creation
* Classification of parts involving assignment of specific classification parameters and parameterization of parts.
This ensures easy navigation & quick search to view &
locate parts data.

We provide both web enabled, as well as standalone (Compact Disc) catalogues.

Our Technology Expertise

· CAD: AutoCAD. Microstation
· MCAD: CATIA V4/V5, Pro-Engineer, IDEAS, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Inventor
· CAE: MSC Nastran, Ansys, Hypermesh
· Visualization: 3D Studio MAX , Alias