We take the practice of 'customer service' to the new level. Our fundamental customer-centric approach is to ensure that our customers receive a quick response.

Some of our valued clients:

. Autodesk Inc., USA
. Thomas Publishing Company, USA
. Acro Corporation USA
. Gentry Systems, Inc.USA
. Simson Industries, USA
. Access Systems Inc, USA
. Softplus, Inc., USA
. Viewpoint Visualization, USA
. Urban Data Corporation, USA
. Geodan i.t.b.v., Netherlands
. Kozo Keikaku, Japan
. Central Consultants, Japan
. NOI Systems, Japan
. Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
. Government of Orissa, Directorate of Land Records
. Viag Interkom GmbH, Germany
. Compton Greaves Limited.