A Leading Publishing Company, USA

Project: Electronic Cataloging Services

American Manufacturers. As a part of their e-business initiative, this 100 year old publishing house have created a portal for buyers and sellers to transact information exchange and business over the Net. They have contracted HOPE CONSULTING for content creation of this portal. This project involves the following activities:

This project involves the following activities:

a) Digitization of Paper Catalog
b) Assignment of Headings to Parts

The entire production is being done at the state of the art production facilities of HOPE CONSULTING at Bangalore, India. HOPE Consulting has already executed work for more than 1200 US vendors, involving a little over 1.8 million parts. It is an ongoing project.

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Autodesk Inc.

Project: 3D Parts modeling for AutoDesk's Part Spec.

Overview: Autodesk, the world's largest PC CAD software company, launched the Parts Spec containing the detailed 2D drawings for a large number of commercially available engineering components. The project involved creation of the 3D parts for various manufacturers, generation of the digital 2D views and then preparing the data for the electronic publishing.

During the course of the project HOPE CONSULTING was assigned 11 manufacturers for whom the content had to be created. Nearly 1500 parts were modeled.

Client: Autodesk Inc.

Project: Creation of a global Autodesk Commerce Classification Scheme (ACCS)

Overview : HOPE Consulting was also involved with Autodesk Inc. for the creation of a global Autodesk Commerce Classification Scheme (ACCS).

The ACCS would provide a comprehensive, hierarchical classification of all products and services of interest to different classes of machinery designers/manufacturers, and would therefore be the framework for publishing information on vendors/service providers. Each part/service would be further defined by an exhaustive set of industrial parameters, or descriptors. This would enable a visitor to parametrically search for any part/service by a precise combination of attributes relevant to him. An initial framework of 65 product groups and 20 services was prepared and submitted to Autodesk

Client: A large Automotive Company in India

Project: Creation of Electronic Spare Parts Catalog

Overview: The objective of the project was to develop a web enabled Electronic Spare Parts Catalog. This would enable the company to set up a extranet connecting 300 of its dealers and enable them to order their spares requirement over the web. The start point of this assignment was the spare parts paper catalogs

The assignment consisted of the following major activities:

a) Creation of the digital data ( both text & graphics) from the paper catalog
b) Creation of a navigation engine to enable the user to identify his parts either through images or part numbers
c) Creation of the shopping cart where the selected parts are put for the final creation of the order.
d) Export of the order details in a flat file format so as to be usable by other programs