Our E-Catalog Competencies :

Having executed numerous assignments on the creation of E-Catalogs , the competencies existing with this group can broadly be classified under:-

1) Classification research and design:

The total scope of product offerings by a company is studied and a global classification schema is prepared, as per industry standards.
  2) Data Transformation Services

To convert the catalog of each manufacturer to E-Catalog, we have developed the following competencies

Product Grouping and Enumeration - From the paper catalog, each product offered by the manufacturer/company is studied and grouped into logical groups in line with the global classification schema.

Combination / Exception Identification - Since the original catalogs are in paper, more frequently than not there are a lot of information highlighted as notes or remarks. These details have to be incorporated into the standard grouping as there is no provision for any such remarks or notes in E-catalogs.

Attribute definition & Identification - The different attribute categories which will be used to search for a particular part is first identified for all the parts and then classes defined for ease of search.

Identification of the Group/Product Images- The available images are studied for their quality and appropriateness. In case the images need to be worked upon the same is incorporated in the production schedule.

Selection of the Tools and Design of Forms-To enable structured entry of all the catalog content, a set of data entry forms is designed. Data Entry- Both text and graphics entries are accomplished under the data entry schema.

Parameterization of the parts:- All the parts are classified in accordance to the global classification system. Most of parts attract more than one classification so that the part can be accessed through multiple searches.
  3) Geometry Creation:

Since we come from the world of CAD and Multimedia, our native competences allow us to provide "web ready" CAD models across all major CAD platforms.
4) Development of Web based tools :

Whether it be development of web enabled applications or the development of data transformation logic , critical to the success of any e-catalog strategy, HOPE Consulting, Inc. has the competency in the various well- known, standard languages that is appropriate to the task, such as data manipulation languages (e.g., SQL or XSL) or scripting languages (e.g., Perl).
  5) Development of web enabled, visually aided spares management system