With the advent of very high Resolution sensors (IRS 1C/1D LISS-III at 23.25m and PAN at 5.8m), IKONOS-CARTERRA (MSS – 4 mts and PAN at 1 meter), Natural Resource Mapping, AM/FM, Disaster Management, Resource Targeting (Ground Water, Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas); Biomass Studies, Biodiversity, Vegetation and Agricultural Mapping etc. all have undergone a sea change from the earlier days of course resolution. Combining this with the power of GIS has given a distinct advantage for mapping,modelling and targetting :three vital zones of Resource Management.

HOPE Consulting Inc., plays a pivotal role in providing turnkey solutions in GIS/DIP and DP based Resource Data Management, Targeting, Disaster Management and AM/FM. It uses high level of Digital Image Processing (DIP)/Image Interpretation and Digital Photogrammetry for CORE APPLICATIONS IN THEMATIC MAPPING. Our main competence areas are:

- Thematic mapping (LU/LC,soil,geology & structure,vegetation,geomorphology etc.)
- Groundwater Targeting/Watershed Delineation/Drainage Densities
- Geresource Utility Maps (GUM) at 1:12500 (IRS LISS-III + PAN) to 1:3400 (IKONOS – PAN) for AM/FM
- Satellite Image Maps (SIM at 1:3400 to 1:12500)
- Change Detections
- Natural Hazard Management / Risk Potential Maps (SSPM approach)

. Land Slides
. Flash Floods
. Earthquakes

. 3 D View of Terrain/line of sight/volume calculation/profiling
. Terrain Evaluation
. Geotechnical Aspects
. Highway Route Alignments / Oil & Gas Pipelines/ Electricity Lines
. Mining Excavation Plans
. VR 3D Flythrough.

- Digital Photogrammetry (DP)

. Ortho photo generation/mosaicing/Photo Maps
. DTM extraction (contours/breaklines)
. Feature extractions (GIS ready database)

Technology Expertise:-

GIS : Arc Info 8.0.2, Arc View, Microstation Geographics & Discartes, Autocad Map2000,LDDT, MOSS,CADTEL.

DIP: Erdas Imagine, ER-Mapper.

DP: Socet-Set, Erdas Orthobase.

Turn-key solutions on electric and water supply, gas, telecommunication networking (including cellular networking ), transport network/Alternate Route Alignment ; Landuse development, planning etc. The other GIS Applications includes Facility Management (FM) i.e. support, plan, update and display of civic facilities (sewer, water, electricity/telephone cables, hospitals, roads, parks, schools, other public utilities including locations & police / Fire stations etc.), Land parcel boundaries, inventory of public / Govt. owned property ; transportation / route planning etc. with the generous use of DGPS (GPS in differential) many of such FM utilities can be a base for precision surveys.


New applications of existing RS products are emerging in the wake of several high spatial Resolution (1-Meter) RS satellites in orbit and being launched in coming months, such as Space Imaging’s IKONOS (in orbit) , Earth Watch’s QUICK BIRD, Orbimage’s ORBVIEW and ISRO’s CARTOSAT and TES (Test Evaluation Satellite on 1 meter PAN and 3.8 meters in MSS).In thematic mapping & FM sector the high Sp. Res. RS data will influence significant changes. One meter resolution and 2-meter horizontal accuracy will let customers to create 1:24000 maps without any ground control, which means they can make detailed maps for areas they can’t even visit. If at all, ground control is available, presently we can prepare a map at 1:2400 scale from IKONOS images.

Applications :
Environmental management, mission planning, land use mapping, urban planning and Revenue / tax assessments,Insurance, large scale Civil planning.

Mapping with imagery as generally believed will not be limited only on photogrammetric issues (measuring distances, locating objects), but also features extraction will increase manifold with the combination of Four band multispectral data and 1-meter panchromatic imagery, available as 11-bit data. This also offers a greater dynamic range in spectral information e.g. Crop descrimination, agro-forestry and agro-horticulatural practices.

Insurance/Real Estate Sector :- High sp. Res. VARSEP’S can be a very effective tool for insurance sector, MultiNationals, Real Estate Agents, Municipalities and even lawyers and media persons. Demonstrations utilizing imagery, especially in 3-D, offer powerful evidence in court cases, particularly in Environmental remediation cases where lawyers need to establish historical land conditions and in case of Natural Disaster: how the insured property looked before the disaster in a 2-D and 3-D maps.

Virtual Reality Maps :-
The traditional 2-D maps are defined as ‘abstraction of reality’, i.e. they represent the features sensu-stricto. However, computer simulated 3D maps (basically DTM’s) are given some dramatic effects to create VIRTUAL REALITY MAPS. These maps can be defined as the ‘Visualization of virtual reality by adding virtual conditions to reality’. The existing DTM’s or DEM’s (Digital Elevation models) are given pre-determined effects like changing illumination, climatic, shade and shadow conditions and several value added thematic maps can be generated such as : coloured hill shaded maps; slope stability maps; Drainage and watershed map; Mountain landscape Map; Solar Energy Map. These maps or VADP’s are highly useful for various project management’s.

GIS data base Modelling:- SSPM based multi-thematic data integration in Arc Info,Map Info and Microstation for Utility based Maps. Large scale data conversion and OO GIS data bases for various applications.