Legacy Data Conversion:

HOPE Consulting Inc. specializes in high quality conversion of your legacy data into CAD drawings / models whether it be 2 D Paper to 2D digital or 2D paper to 3D. This is one of our core competency areas where we can help create accurate 3D models from 2D representations.
  Platform Migration:

With our expertise on heterogeneous CAD platforms, we can collate and convert all your CAD data on disparate platforms in your current CAD system.
  Generation of Detailed drawings:

With 3D models as the input, we can deliver detailed manufacturing drawings in accordance with the relevant standards, thereby freeing your Designers from this cumbersome yet critical task.

Finite Element Analysis is one of the most powerful Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools for predicting the behavior of components or assemblies during expected use. Our Analysis group can help you cut down your design thru manufacturing time by providing Finite Element Modeling and Analysis services on industry standard software solutions.
  Digital Parts Cataloging:

It has been found that designers spend 40% of their time searching for a specific standard part and creating the drawing for the same. We help organizations in improving their engineer's productivity by creating a complete digital parts library

Whether communicating to in-house team members or presenting your company's best new designs to your customers, a picture is worth a thousand CAD drawings. Our services allow you to replace or complement physical models by bringing color and texture to CAD data. We can start with your existing CAD database or we can build a computer model to your satisfaction directly in our modeling/rendering/animation software.
  Software Customization:

We believe that the success of a full cycle CAD implementation depends on the level of productivity enhancements gained by the organization and the degree of integration of CAD with other business processes. HOPE Consulting Inc. delivers high quality customization services relating to development utility programs on standard CAD software's and integration of CAD with ERP or other enterprise systems.
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